Just a little fun seasonal project I’ve made with the layout and design help of Gavin Wray. […]
The ability to make people laugh has always been something that is fairly central to my personality. […]
(click through for big) Last night I turned my sentiment analysis tool on two hashtags: #bcfc and […]
Next Friday (26th November) I’m doing a brief set as part of this Stand up Comedy thing. […]
I’ve tried two experiments with the “is Birmingham happy” algorithm in the last few days, as they’re […]
I’ve been running a, very rough, scrape of the Birmingham (UK) based interweb for ’emotional wellbeing’ since […]
With the Birmingham Popular Music Archive I’ve been inviting the public to contribute to an online database […]
My submission to the Beermat Show. Thanks to EAP and those that told me their favourite drunk […]
Pleased to have one less thing in common with the Wonder Stuff, I do love Elvis. I […]
I really can’t put my finger on where I first came across Frank Sidebottom, logic would dictate […]