Pluralistic ignorance and the modern condition – on social phycology and group behaviour. Ol’ Red Eyes: Marxist […]
I was asked to ‘create’ a Twitterstorm as part of an art project, and I sort of […]
  I’ll write up the xHumed talk asap, Joseph Priestley sending this Tweet: It is my conclusion […]
There was a piece featuring me and the sale of BiNS on the BBC News site last […]
After moving down to Oxford I did an update of my Birmingham Emotions conversational psychogeography project. That’s […]
From 18th July until September the large glass edition of the Birmingham Music Map is going to […]
Fused magazine, which (as well as sister publication Area) I’ve done stuff for in the past, has […]
Poorly Collected Works 2010-11 is the title of an eBook I pulled together at the end of […]
On Friday I got round to doing something I’d been thinking of for a long while. I […]
Well, phoned the singer up. I interviewed Peter Hook (Hooky, of Joy Division, New Order, Revenge, Monaco […]