When I organised the 11-11-11 eleven hours on the eleven bus day I didn’t make it too […]
Here’s a pipe I’ve created that attempts to marshal the content from hyperlocal blogging in Birmingham and […]
Psychogeography can be sort of explained as the geography of emotion, the relation between place and feeling. […]
On Friday I gave a talk to Pete Ashton‘s Metapod Connect course. It was a gentle introduction […]
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! YooouuuTuuube sort of cascades You Tube vids frame-by-frame across your browser. Hypnotic.
Last week I used a Sweetcron installation, a red pen, some cardboard and scissors to build The […]
I don’t write fiction much, haven’t for years, but I decided to see if I could knock […]
First written May ’09, updated (slightly) April ’11. Although listening is the most important way of using […]
Are you fed up with “officials” deciding what’s important? Do you wish that history wasn’t just written […]
The other thing we used to do, instead or at the same time as making books, was […]