On the first day of April Danny Smith and I delivered a walking tour of the ‘back […]
I’ve been supporting the Yes campaign for an elected mayor in Birmingham, and one of the big issues […]
Yesterday, I tried the Twitpanto method on “the greatest film ever made”. As part of  ‘Yarn presents Five […]
I like to think I’m an amusing writer, and that I can think quickly. Doing a radio […]
I’ve been advising on Siôn Simon‘s campaigning for an (and to be) elected mayor of Birmingham for more than […]
I’ve been experimenting with ebook publishing, once the sheer hellish pain of writing something you’re happy with […]
While revamping this site a touch I was struck by how many of the sites and projects […]
I’m currently knee deep in postcards, books about the seaside and still have sand in my good […]
Forever? Lasted about three days.
Map of Birmingham: Inebriance Survey 2011 PDF Now that is what I call a map. Every pub […]