A good while ago I wrote a long post about problems with the Twitter @reply system — […]
Last week I used a Sweetcron installation, a red pen, some cardboard and scissors to build The […]
First written May ’09, updated (slightly) April ’11. Although listening is the most important way of using […]
If you’re doing any sort of professional work on Twitter then the main part of what you […]
This post was written way back in Twitter’s first flush of youth, Feb 2009, but I’ve updated […]
They spelt my name wrong, actually prompting me to buy johnbounds.co.uk to point here too, but here […]
"love the fact that "good meeting" is an emergent meme on Twitter: the phrase is seen by […]
No recriminations or anything, just an interesting thing that happened this morning on the Twitter. I was […]
Tea Fu is the ancient art of persuading others to make you a cuppa. Most often practised […]
About Twitter of course. What's interesting is not so much how people are very easily able to […]