After my talk at Oxford Geek Night I was happy to have a couple of suggestions to […]
After moving down to Oxford I did an update of my Birmingham Emotions conversational psychogeography project. That’s […]
Yesterday, I tried the Twitpanto method on “the greatest film ever made”. As part of  ‘Yarn presents Five […]
Content, interaction, community—that’s what your social media profile is all about. It’s a message that seems to […]
It’s easy to sign up for a Twitter account, all you need is an email address. It […]
(click through for big) Last night I turned my sentiment analysis tool on two hashtags: #bcfc and […]
As promised, I turned my Twitter sentiment analysis tool on the big TV/social web phenomenon that is the X-Factor. […]
I’ve tried two experiments with the “is Birmingham happy” algorithm in the last few days, as they’re […]
I’ve been running a, very rough, scrape of the Birmingham (UK) based interweb for ’emotional wellbeing’ since […]
…or otherwise carefully crafted communications anyway. If you’re newish to Twitter and attempting to communicate with people […]