“What would happen if the world were suddenly without people; if humans vanished off the face of […]
A lovely post about the nonsense that is perpetuated about Twitter accounts being "hacked" when it's either […]
I’m very interested in the motivation behind uses of hashtags on Twitter — I have a feeling […]
Apparently the Olympics suffer from ‘Ambush Marketing’, meaning that if they don’t stop other people doing adverts […]
I’m not usually one to hold much stock in awards, but I like the mixture of democracy […]
Yes, good interaction on the social web is all about personality. But. Brands aren’t people, they don’t […]
Neil Williams, head of corporate digital channels at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), has […]
And don’t worry this isn’t going to be a rant about expenses. At Moseley Barcamp I gave […]
A wonderful and quick mash-up of Twitter and Flickr data, mapped with Yahoo, BrumEmoMap is a great […]
"Retweeting (that is, repeating someone else’s tweet, with attribution) has emerged from daily twittering habits and has […]