I once persuaded  quite of lot of people to spend 11 hours on a bus: a trip […]
It’s not out until 11 February, but Danny and I received advanced copies of Pier Review — […]
Just pulled this list of pieces together to test something on Facebook. It’s not everything I wrote […]
We’ve just completed and sent away to the publisher via our agent the text that is to […]
A comment piece in the Daily Telegraph today, with some hopefully fresh angles on Birmingham accents. It […]
Pluralistic ignorance and the modern condition – on social phycology and group behaviour. Ol’ Red Eyes: Marxist […]
Below is a copy of an email that I have just sent to David Brookes, editor of […]
Along with the usual Paradise Circus and Pier Review work, here’s a few things I’ve written in […]
I published it on Paradise Circus as it was inevitably set in Birmingham. At around 1600 words […]
I was asked to ‘create’ a Twitterstorm as part of an art project, and I sort of […]