How to podcast using your mobile phone – The London Biker

Ex collegue of mine Matt Cashmore is about to blog motorbiking to Russia for charity, some of which he'll be doing as audio by phone – here's his handy guide to doing just that (the phone thing, not the motorbiking): "Sound simple doesn’t it. Just find a way of leaving a message on something like skype, then get it to encode your audio, upload it to the server and generate the XML." [link]

Links for 28th February

  • Online Shops for Niche Products / ShopWindoz – Etsy for europe? One stop shop for leather leiderhosen min-dresses and amigarumia at the mo'
  • South By South West Midlands – A group from the West Midlands go to South By South West Interactive. Lucky, lucky, sods, we're not jealous or anything… 😉 But seriously, they're offering to spread the weird by letting youse lot tell them what to go and see (within reason I guess).

Bookmarks for 26th February through 28th February

These are my links for 26th February through 28th February: