"Retweeting (that is, repeating someone else’s tweet, with attribution) has emerged from daily twittering habits and has […]
I'm doing a little bit of blogging on this site, with Nick Booth, kicked off by a […]
A post I've written about a trip into academia, a cultural mapping symposium at Liverpool University. The […]
Wise words as ever from Simon about the appointment of the Government's new Director of Digital Engagement. […]
A project to provide open source manuals to open source software. Excellent stuff. [link]
Corinne Pritchard voluntarily translates into Plain English various consultations put out by government. In this blog post […]
This coming Tuesday (21st April) I’m one of the speakers at a “Media Skills Masterclass” for the […]
Interesting news about central government funding for Birmingham to pilot opening up city council data online, could […]
The New York Time pulls together all sorts of crime, education and satisfaction data for the city […]
Jo, Development Editor of the Birmingham Post, talks to Richard who "regularly comments on The Birmingham Post […]