Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing to you to ask for your support in helping work out […]
If there’s one thing that fills the web more than cat pictures it’s ruminations on the state, […]
Meet Scabbycat. He pitched up in our front yard last week sometime. He’s okay, bit neglected looking […]
When chaos runs slowly enough it can look like calm. But it’s still chaos. There has been […]
A few posts ago I postulated that for most people, for most types of ‘news’ algorithms based […]
People in difficult situations have always relied on dark humour to get them through, police, doctors, solders […]
George Orwell said, in an essay of fulsome praise of the man and his work, that Charles […]
I’ve have three separate conversations about QR (Quick Response) codes, which lead me to wonder if there […]
Another amusing bit of backlash against ‘social media experts’ from b3ta’s monekon who’s ‘day job’ is as […]
This Thursday (27/5) at 7:45pm at the wondrously refurbished Midlands Arts Centre, I’m taking part in a […]