I’m off to the city that never sleeps next week for the PdF (Personal Democracy Forum) Conference […]
Birmingham is currently bidding for the UK’s first City of Culture title (this is a dreadful out-of-date […]
While it’s not made the final shortlist of five, there’s still a bit to be proud of […]
Apparently the Olympics suffer from ‘Ambush Marketing’, meaning that if they don’t stop other people doing adverts […]
I always think that you can explain almost anything in terms of football or cats, and those […]
One of my favourite books on social technology is ‘Everything Is Miscellaneous‘  by David Weinberger — a […]
I’m not usually one to hold much stock in awards, but I like the mixture of democracy […]
After proving that online pantomime could work last year, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to repeat […]
Last year I wrote and “directed” (what I believe to have been) the first proper piece of […]
The idea of rule by those with the most social capital is explored by Cory Doctrow in […]