Another amusing bit of backlash against ‘social media experts’ from b3ta’s monekon who’s ‘day job’ is as a web developer. It’s funny, even if I wonder where he’s getting the money bit from, it aint like that round this way. board

As I see it we (web developers and social web types) work on the same platform in the same way as TV transmission or electronic genius and a programme maker, or a printer and a graphic designer or perhaps even more pertinently a car designer and a road designer.

A good social web person will understand how websites work (although like me perhaps, with neither the drive or the skill to build large scale ones oneself), but more importantly how they enable people to communicate with each other.

You get people, very rarely, who can do both — but they’re two big jobs on any more than the simplest level — you’re better off with close collaboration between the two. Get them both right and you can leave out the SEO part.