On Friday I gave a talk to Pete Ashton‘s Metapod Connect course. It was a gentle introduction to how memes can work on the web, and how the culture around them creates other (some would say…) more useful things too.

This is a recording of the the talk (complete with the odd giggle, a few interjections and a tiny bit of mobile phone interference) alongside the slides I used.

Interweb memes and contribution to community from bounder on Vimeo.

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  1. […] The chances are you don’t understand why Neill’s A-Z of Awesomeness works. It doesn’t make any sense to you. But you probably have something you’re incredibly nerdy about, be it 20th century abstract painters or Eastenders or Italian horror films or whatever your cultural Specialist Subject on Mastermind might be. And the chances are there are others who are as nerdy about it as you are. And when you talk with those people you make jokes that no-one else gets but which are fricking hilarious, seriously, no really. That’s all Neill has tapped into here – the shared humour of a niche, something Jon Bounds touches on here. […]

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