I know I’m weird, most people are but it takes a bit of self awareness and a […]
Birmingham is getting a real reputation for being a place where social media doesn’t only happen, it […]
Freedom Town is in Sierra Leone, but it’s also the name of an art project connecting schools […]
Feed Me Originally uploaded by bounder After waiting for about 2 weeks longer than normal for my […]
Twitter is now pretty much established as the place where news can break most quickly — when […]
Pantomimes have taken a good couple of hundred years to evolve from ballet and variety acts, they’ve […]
I spent eleven hours on the 11C bus on the 11/11/08. This is a psychogeographical report, it’s […]
Those with photosensitive epilepsy might not want to see what joshua heineman is doing to old timey […]
Gwen Stefani (yes, I know, not my usual thing, a return of a longstanding agreement from the […]
I developed and promoted a Facebook application in support of the Black County Urban Park bid for […]