Yesterday, I tried the Twitpanto method on “the greatest film ever made”. As part of  ‘Yarn presents Five […]
On Friday, as part of Flatpack Festival, there’ll be a screening of Lawrence of Belgravia: the documentary […]
I like to think I’m an amusing writer, and that I can think quickly. Doing a radio […]
I write, you know, it’s sort of the core of loads of stuff I do—writing is a […]
Map of Birmingham: Inebriance Survey 2011 PDF Now that is what I call a map. Every pub […]
Just a little fun seasonal project I’ve made with the layout and design help of Gavin Wray. […]
(click through for big) Last night I turned my sentiment analysis tool on two hashtags: #bcfc and […]
This is me doing straight stand-up comedy for the first time, just five minutes and a couple […]
Next Friday (26th November) I’m doing a brief set as part of this Stand up Comedy thing. […]
As promised, I turned my Twitter sentiment analysis tool on the big TV/social web phenomenon that is the X-Factor. […]