Is how my brain processes xHumed, at which I’m appearing on Nov 5th in Brum. Tickets available […]
The best jokes never make it past the subs, but here's a thing I wrote for the […]
At some point over the weekend, I decided to out the low level moving on campaign and […]
From 18th July until September the large glass edition of the Birmingham Music Map is going to […]
Forty two piers in to our circumnavigation of the coast of England and Wales we arrived bleary […]
Poorly Collected Works 2010-11 is the title of an eBook I pulled together at the end of […]
On Friday I got round to doing something I’d been thinking of for a long while. I […]
Well, phoned the singer up. I interviewed Peter Hook (Hooky, of Joy Division, New Order, Revenge, Monaco […]
On the first day of April Danny Smith and I delivered a walking tour of the ‘back […]
Around ten years ago I started Birmingham: It’s Not Shit, the reasons are well documented and it’s […]