I working on a site (which I can’t reveal yet, it might not even see the light […]
This post is prompted by the Birmingham twitter “community”‘s reaction to what some saw as unethical and […]
I’ve just come back from The Big Debate (part of the New Generation Arts Festival), a cosy […]
With people barely having a thought we don’t in some way publish to the interweb there’s continuous […]
It’s understandable that companies want to use Facebook to promote stuff – it is after all very […]
With the current news story about the two young tennis pros suspended over their social networking profiles, […]
Via Auntie Not available in Brum yet, so haven’t tried it out. Think it would have gone […]
Along with politely declining requests to grow gardens, throw sheep or cause upset by ordering disparate friends […]
Where as I say “gowan then” to people who ask to use my Flickr pics, there’s a […]
Newbies Guide to Twitter : [chrisbrogan.com] (tags: tutorial web2.0 twitter)