With the current news story about the two young tennis pros suspended over their social networking profiles, it struck me as odd that: the basic tenant of not putting stuff online you aren’t happy for anyone to see hasn’t got through and they they were using Bebo.

Danah Boyd did some interesting thinking on social class and social networking, based on particularily US soldiers and Facebook and MySpace. Basically she put forward the theory that the “officer class” used FB and the others MySpace. Does Britain have a third divide?

Stephen Ireland the Man City footballer has been revealed recently as calling himself “Daddy Dick” and saying “football is shit, why did I end up doin[sic] it?” – again on a Bebo profile.

Bebo seems to be statistically popular in UK (old ref I know), but it seems to exist under the radar of the media. MySpace is for bands, FB for the media and Bebo for who?

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