I was on Danny Baker’s Radio Five show earlier, which was great. I’ve always been a big […]
(click through for big) Last night I turned my sentiment analysis tool on two hashtags: #bcfc and […]
I had a little bit of a paddy on Twitter yesterday after a slew of people were […]
The curious case of Masal Bugduv: a made up Moldovan footballer is “about to sign” for Arsenal, […]
I always think that you can explain almost anything in terms of football or cats, and those […]
“Some clubs are fearsomely well organised. They have pegs and a mallet to anchor the net down […]
After Through the Wall, and a dodgy (by which I mean rubbish) text adventure called Planet of […]
Is the target market for this really worth using Google Ads?
Fury at matches abroad – Birmingham Mail – thank god that the awful picture of me didn’t […]
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