Birmingham is getting a real reputation for being a place where social media doesn’t only happen, it […]
I don’t usually take part in these blog tagging things, normally because they tell you to write […]
The Birmingham Post recently published a ‘list of shame’ of local bodies that don’t make their information […]
Birmingham Live and Learn has a nice idea, which is to promote the city’s universities by getting […]
I spent eleven hours on the 11C bus on the 11/11/08. This is a psychogeographical report, it’s […]
No, not related to  Mike Whitby’s awful meaningless slogan, but the very real sense that — in […]
I’ve just set the new site for the Birmingham Conservation Trust live. I’ve advised on how it […]
I was just looking a website for an unsigned bands competition (Festibull), which got me thinking about […]
An article I wrote about "how to avoid students" in Brum — for a magazine aimed at […]
If you’re interested in the super, open source, thingy WordPress — I hate to call it a […]