While working on Siôn Simon’s push for there to be a directly elected Mayor for Birmingham I […]
After moving down to Oxford I did an update of my Birmingham Emotions conversational psychogeography project. That’s […]
I’ve been supporting the Yes campaign for an elected mayor in Birmingham, and one of the big issues […]
"If the reaction of the blogosphere and Twitterati to Keenan's sudden death are reliable indicators, every one […]
I’ve been running a, very rough, scrape of the Birmingham (UK) based interweb for ’emotional wellbeing’ since […]
I was interviewed some time ago over email by Paul Bradshaw for a series on people who […]
This Thursday (27/5) at 7:45pm at the wondrously refurbished Midlands Arts Centre, I’m taking part in a […]
I was asked to talk about Birmingham, and so I did: Here are the slides and my […]
I'm speaking a the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham, three times (which came as a shock). I've not […]