Ariel Waldman on crossposting with social media:

Recently, there has been a rash of one-size-fits-all services that aim to provide a solution to “managing” various sites like Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Jaiku and Facebook all at once. As with most of my rants, they begin on Twitter and then trickle their way into a blog post – and if you’ve seen some of my tweets, you have seen my personal distaste for these services and the people who use them.

Like me, she sees it a spammy, rude and a little needy. More people are making this moral choice to talk only when they’ve got something to say — which can only be a good thing.

Hat duly tipped to Stowe Boyd, who’s in agreement.

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  1. I agree for the most part. However, there is not much overlap in the Venn diagram of my Facebook and Twitter friends, so I like to post my statuses to both.

  2. I’m guessing that if the social circles on different systems differ by that much you should be talking to them in different ways?

  3. Auto-posting to Twitter is also kinda disappointing. Rather than a link to a blog post that might be of interest in the hope that people will come and comment it’s just another bunch of delicious links or, worst of all, a digest of their tweets from that day. Means I’m probably not going to check their linkage again in a hurry.

    “Hi, I’m in your Twitter stream telling you that the stuff that was in your Twitter stream from me a few hours ago is now preserved all out of context on my blog.”

    Back on topic, I must say has been the most pointless web app I’ve ever gotten enthusiastic about.

  4. What’s your opinion then of WordPress plugins – like the ones on your own site – that post a digest of your Twitter and activity each day? Thankfully you’re not the kind of guy to tweet that stuff, but isn’t that just the same kind of cross-posting?

    Also, more fodder for the argument can be found in a creation by Carsonified: MATT (Multi Account Twitter Tweeter):

    Personally I keep 2 Twitter accounts, one for me and the other for the podcast so I don’t crosspost for those who don’t want to know when a new episode is uplaoded, so the idea of MATT I think is just a bit disappointing.

  5. Good point Mark.

    With Delicious I can see a reason, the posts give time based (and theme based) context. They mean more when posted to a blog rather than as separate links. That said if a blog does nothing but republish delicious links then it’s worthless.

    I wouldn’t advise anyone to subscribe to my delicious feed really, I use it for a wide variety of purposes, things tagged “work” come here, those tagged “birminghamuk” go to BiNS and others go some other places too. It’s just a mash of my mind, not useful. The way to use delicious feeds is more to subscribe to a tag you’re interested in.

    The Twitter thing is a bit odd, I can see the point of a digest (for yourself as much as anything) but it needs to be tucked away. Of course I first set it up “because I could”, I don’t think I would these days if I hadn’t already.

    In fact, I’m going to turn it off.

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