I did something quite strange and possibly annoying for anyone who follows me on twitter today. I tweeted a very-piecemeal book “review” of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky. It wasn’t my idea – it was Paul Bradshaw‘s and I’d be surprised if he didn’t do a much better and more interesting job (I fact I know he did because I was following his tweets).

I did it mainly as an experiment, and also because from the bit I’d already read (and interviews with Clay) I knew that there were a lot of thoughts to share in there.

I learned, I think:

  • That I can’t type consistently one-handed (put down the book when you’re trying to communicate, man).
  • Communicating ideas as you have them not only forces you to to think concisely (as twitter’s 140 char limit does too), but helps separate points out.
  • That I’m knackered, I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again – more from the force of thought than anything else (I could tweet something that long with less concepts and mental power need, but not a book like that again).

Sorry to anyone I annoyed, back to more normal tweet levels from now on.

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