After sounding out interested parties, mainly via twitter, a number of us met up at December’s Birmingham […]
I’ve just set the new site for the Birmingham Conservation Trust live. I’ve advised on how it […]
Gavin Wray designed this elegant website for management consultancy Ladder Consulting, which I then turned into a […]
Of All The People In All The World is a unusual and fantastical piece of art/theatre created […]
If you’re interested in the super, open source, thingy WordPress — I hate to call it a […]
Prompted by Mark Steadman‘s comment on one of my many blog posts on the evils of crossposting, […]
Tickets are now on sale (at £35 or £70 if you’re feeling philanthropic) for the two days […]
I’ve just spent an hour or two (Saturday morning would be the quietest time for traffic to […]