Of All The People In All The World is a unusual and fantastical piece of art/theatre created by Birmingham-based Stan’s Cafe. They have a grain of rice to represent every person alive today and the piles are continually re-arranged to represent different statistics – it’s far better that I’ve made it sound here, go and check out their site. After gaining plaudits around the world it’s finally being set up in Birmingham from the 13th September – 5th October.

Unlike some artists in this copyright obsessed age, Stan’s Cafe are encouraging people to take photos or video as they visit, and now to share them on the internet.

I’ve just spent a couple of hours finishing off a site – the rice show -  with Nick Booth that attempts to collate everything said and any media made around the show — a sort of automatic collective memory, and also a great forum for discussion on the ideas behind the show.

It’s a lot simpler than UpYerBrum (which does aggregation, but also voting), it’s a lightweight WordPress installation, with a plugin to fetch RSS feeds and a little custom jiggery-pokery to make sure that everything sits up front. It fetches Flickr, YouTube, blogs, news, twitter activity and also Radio Rice – which is a super online version of the stats from the show.

Do go if you get chance — and tag anything you take or make thericeshow.