“What would happen if the world were suddenly without people; if humans vanished off the face of […]
I noticed today, not sure how long it’s been going on, that you can now (if you’re […]
Interesting post by Simon Wakeman, where he puts into words what many have been thinking about how […]
Bands have been using “street teams” for some time – unpaid fans that spread the word amongst […]
Tempted, but it’s still SPAM.Skitch.com > bounder > Facebook | Confirm Requests
I working on a site (which I can’t reveal yet, it might not even see the light […]
Now (I know it’s been doing it a while) that Facebook sends the text of messages to […]
Facebook Group Previous Rant 
It’s understandable that companies want to use Facebook to promote stuff – it is after all very […]
I’m doing a little bit to help the Black County’s bid for £50 million of lottery funding […]