How do you get people to vote online?

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I’m doing a little bit to help the Black County’s bid for £50 million of lottery funding – encouraging people to vote in The People’s £50 Million Lottery Giveaway. The idea is that there’s an online and telephone vote, and one of four projects gets all the dosh – I’ve mentioned that I don’t much like the system, but if it has to be this way I think the Black Country could really do with the money.

As well as the website programmes will be shown on ITV 3-7 December 2007. Details of telephone voting will be announced during programmes.

I’ve made a very simple facebook app, that places a ‘vote here‘ button on your profile, and a website badge that does likewise.

Unfortunately the voting process isn’t very easy, you have to register, confirm your email address and then vote. There also isn’t a running total, which doesn’t make the vote much fun. So, how to get a bit more interest? Any ideas? Is Lol-blackcountry the way forward?



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