The Internet has disrupted the musician’s lot as much as that or any artist, perhaps more so. […]
"If the reaction of the blogosphere and Twitterati to Keenan's sudden death are reliable indicators, every one […]
Sometimes anger is both justified and honourable.
Boring post this, it’s just for Google to in case any other people are looking to see […]
Some time ago I spent a a while collecting the wifi network names I saw while on […]
Haircut Menu, Broadway on Flickr – Photo Sharing!. Spotted in the window of a barbers on Broadway […]
The curious case of Masal Bugduv: a made up Moldovan footballer is “about to sign” for Arsenal, […]
The Electric, Birmingham Originally uploaded by new folder
idlewild had a song called 'Text Mesaging is Killing the Pub Quiz' – this is a merry […]