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Got this today from CoTweet (which I like, it’s really the only CRM service for Twitter): “CoTweet […]
Not that the Manics aren’t now for the over 30s too. Think about it, long complicated sentences […]
I think we know this already, “Suits make a corporate comeback,” says the New York Times. Why […]
“I was somewhat perturbed. Actually I was flaming furious. You see, despite the mistakes, it also implies […]
“Commandment Nine: Thou shalt not retweet compliments This phenomenon I really don’t understand, especially not when it’s […]
“a new sketch/stand up show that I am going to be doing on Monday nights in the […]
Supposedly “hyperlocal” thing from Yahoo, hasn’t quite got the “local” bit, yet. Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!
Nice historical round-up of Bennet's TV appearances. – Alan Bennett on TV: nostalgia laced with insight and […]
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! YooouuuTuuube sort of cascades You Tube vids frame-by-frame across your browser. Hypnotic.