New meme discovery: You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video which has […]
Local MP Sion Simon (finding his way on Twitter) ReTweeted a (vaguely amusing, but not ear-shatteringly funny) […]
Nice piece in the NYT about how there’s a system for chosing ten of the thousands of […]
UK TV series map Originally uploaded by Meg Pickard
“Wire were always at odds with the rest of the late 70s punks. In today’s extract from […]
Created by the way Google has stitched two of its Street View panoramas in Smethwick, take the […]
This is the back end of my car on Google Streetview – notice how the “privacy” of […]
I thought I’d got myself on the the Google Streetview, but they must have taken photos going […]
I’ve just had a email inviting me to be in The17 for a “performance” in April (St […]
It’s a box-ticking, event-telly-by-numbers mentality, and it made for the most tedious and unsatisfying Comic Relief Night […]