My submission to the Beermat Show. Thanks to EAP and those that told me their favourite drunk […]
Tim O'Reilly on the web as a platform, moves toward "the cloud" aren't the half of the […]
Thanks to the wonderful guys at Rhubarb Radio (where I also do the Saturday breakfast show, plug […]
A week or so ago I did an impromptu talk at WxWM2 (a gathering of the social […]
I was going to write a huge long blog post about this, and I still might, but […]
Great little article about how the flickr team manage thier worldwide online community. "The job always comes […]
moar funny pictures I almost burst in the hurry to make this one.
From the great Neatorama: Mike Duncan’s company got this fantastic letter from a woman named Joyce who […]
The Charms of Wikipedia – The New York Review of Books – "Pop-Tarts are a "flat Cookie." […]
Mark Steadman, of the New Media Junkie podcast has had a great idea – and has just […]