Pleased to see the RSC Friends (a subscription group who are fans of the RSC) starting to […]
Here’s a pipe I’ve created that attempts to marshal the content from hyperlocal blogging in Birmingham and […]
My talk at Moseley Barcamp, based on this post about Conversational Psychogeography. Moseley BarCamp – Blogging & […]
I'm doing a little bit of blogging on this site, with Nick Booth, kicked off by a […]
Jo, Development Editor of the Birmingham Post, talks to Richard who "regularly comments on The Birmingham Post […]
The answer: yes, sometimes and sometimes in conjunction with offline activity. Does offline protesting work? Sometimes. I’ve […]
Birmingham Live and Learn has a nice idea, which is to promote the city’s universities by getting […]
“Here’s how to be a photographer: If you follow these steps, you CANNOT fail at getting an […]
Blog Action Day is a call for as much of the blogosphere as possible to write about […]
Great coverage of whether "passion" for the subject is important in blogging. My take – yes of […]