If you’ve watched an England game on telly this World Cup, apart from a feeling of ennui […]
I noticed today, not sure how long it’s been going on, that you can now (if you’re […]
Chris Poole, a.k.a. moot, is the creator of 4chan.org – the Washinton Post explores how come he […]
Fury at matches abroad – Birmingham Mail – thank god that the awful picture of me didn’t […]
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“It’s a great chance for your brand” said David Gold, Chairman of Birmingham City, about the plan […]
New England Away shirt released – with ‘QR’ technology: TheFA.com – Keep your shirt on England’s rich […]
This is Sir Norman Foster’s plan for FC Barcelona’s stadium, the Nou Camp – a brilliant echo […]
Mailbox – Bang and Olufsen Originally uploaded by bounder I know they only seem to sell kit […]