I’ve done something a little foolish, I’ve organised a pantomine — to be performed on twitter. As far as I know it’s the first time someone has attempted live drama on the microblogging service — and it might fail spectacularly (it’s very much an experiment).

There are around 20 people performing, and as well as writing it (although a fair chunk is going to be improvised) I’ll be directing (with a locked account only the cast are following) and playing one of the ugly sisters. The cast includes:

With special guests:

  • Tom Watson MP (West Brom) as Baron Tweetup
  • Jemima Kiss (Guardian tech correspondent) as Baroness Tweetup, the wicked stepmother
  • Marc Reeves (Birmingham Post Editor) as a coachman/mouse

@twitpanto on Twitter is the narrator and will announce the start at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd — to watch everything that happens you’ll need to watch this Twitter search and refresh when the page tells you that new “lines” have been said.