Twitterfone is a new (beta) service that intends to let you tweet by phone — set yourself up and when you call a (national rate) number and leave a message it should transcribe and tweet it for you. I’m having a go:

I said: “Is twitterfone capable of recording and transcribing a Brummie Accent?”

Twitterfone tweeted: “”It’s just a turnkey voice recording transcribed in the boomy (ax?)”  — you can listen to the audio on their site, I’m not sure the line was great but I think they should have got “twitterfone” at least.

I’ll keep trying, if you see garbled nonsense in my twitter stream bear with me, I may not be drunk. reQall (the other voice to web service I’ve tried recently – it does calendar entries, notes etc) seemed to fare better.

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