Almost ten years ago, I was working at friends of ED — a web design book firm. The imprint is still going, but is owned by an American publisher rather than two brothers who set up shop in Acock’s Green. For a couple of years it rode the “creative” wave of flash design, which in effect gave us staff free reign to surf the web looking for weird shit — the thinking behind it being that the odder stuff was popular, the designers became “stars” of a sort and they’d sell more books. Which mean that a great deal of work time was spent colouring the office air blue with sweary flash toys — Britney’s Naked Cat-o-phone, Buffy’s sweary keyboard and so on (seriously, not at work — unless you work in Shoreditch).

That might have been why the company went under, that and the idea that books needed to be of a certain length (even tho’ they contained almost no useful information, except being filled with the names of people who’d played for Watford in the eighties as some sort of in-joke).

The master (and indeed New Master) of sweary-flash was Limmy, and his best was the xylophone (seriously sweary) — now years later Craig of Friends of the Stars, tells us Limmy now has his own TV show (in Scotland, he probably gets more web hits). It’s online, and it’s worth your time.

All toghether now, “You Are A …”

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