TV critic and now TV star Charlie Brooker is on Twitter, he calls himself CharltonBrooker, you can tell it’s him no-one else could get enough bile into 140 characters. He’s an old-school computo-phile (he used to write about computer games, and indeed the computer magazines of the eighties were a fabulous breeding ground for journalists), so instead of the fumbling of most new Twitter users he was straight in using desktop clients and — most excitingly crowdsourcing an article.

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This was to be the first definition in his “new” media dictionary — and he was asking for contributions. Except that he eventually got cold feet and decided he couldn’t use any in the finished article.

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Which is understandable, I guess, given the current “nowtrage” over anything from Twitter. But at least it’s a step up from people asking if it’s really him (if it wasn’t the skill of the tweeter would make it interesting anyway). But anyway, some of those definitions sent in to him deserve a wider audience — you can sieve through all tweets sent to Mr Brooker here — so here are a few of my favourites.

nickpeters: @charltonbrooker COTTONMOUTH: condition where presenter must claim even the most bland performance is ‘Amazing!’ and ‘Rock And Roll’
supercoolkp: @charltonbrooker Darticle – an broadcast item so infuriating, it makes you want to throw sharp things at it.
steve_nicholls: @charltonbrooker Wikipediaphiles – lazy arsed journalists who do all their research at the online One Stop Shop for info.
bounder: @charltonbrooker “necropile” TV shedule stacking with the work of a recently deceased actor
bounder: @charltonbrooker “commershill” a once great person who throws their credibility away for advert cash. cf Iggy Pop sells insurance

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