The only podcast I’d ever have considered paying for, Danny Baker’s All Day Breakfast show, has ended after an acroimonious split with (I’m asuming) Wippit. It, and even more distressingly for me, the free football-ish Baker and Kelly are no more – Danny Baker has writen of his distress with the situation on their blog:

I have absolutely no idea where any subscription fees are, went or remain. All I know is that we all have created an enormous amount of strong, funny, unbeatable internet shows and in return received nothing. And I mean nothing. Not a brass penny in nine long months just some hefty studio bills along the way. Now it has come down to the old “Ah well if you read your contract you’ll find…” and I feel like some dumb-cluck boy band.

These shows were on top of the podcast charts – and one would assume the All Day Breakfast Show was pulling in the money (at £2 a week subscription). If the money has not been enough to even pay the studio bills, assuming no impropriety on the part of Wippit, then can paid for radio-style podcasting work? Is it a case of the model not being simple enough (iTunes doesn’t easily do paid for podcasting), or will people just not pay for “radio”?

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