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My mate just asked if I had any pictures of the cats with ‘green eye’ (like red-eye, but for cats) for a book on photoshop he’s writing (not these, but one like them he does loads) and I sent him a couple. Of course you wouldn’t charge a mate, but quite a few of my pics from flickr have been purloined (with permission) for magazines (and no doubt a fair few I don’t know about) and I haven’t asked for more than a credit there either.

Then I think of all the free writing I do as well, snippets for The Birmingham Post and some charity magazine this month alone.

So I suppose the question is, do you have to start charging or do you have to say no?

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  1. I’m slowly starting to find myself in this position too and I think you have to weigh it up as an investment. In other words, will you get paid in kind but getting your name out there in return for giving them free copy? If you don’t think you’ll benefit then you give them a rate sheet.

    I think this is distinct from non-profit / charity work. I’ve always given my stuff away for free there and never had a problem with it. That said, it’s usually photos that I’ve already posted online so I’m not losing any time in them using them.

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