From 18th July until September the large glass edition of the Birmingham Music Map is going to […]
Yesterday, I tried the Twitpanto method on “the greatest film ever made”. As part of  ‘Yarn presents Five […]
This post was written by chum Pete Ashton, about a project we applied for together. A few […]
With the Birmingham Popular Music Archive I’ve been inviting the public to contribute to an online database […]
Here I am, looking a little grumpy, as part of Mario Cacciottolo’s really rather lovely ‘Someone Once […]
A real traditional Christmas present for the inquiring kiddie (or adult) is the Guinness Book of Records […]
When I organised the 11-11-11 eleven hours on the eleven bus day I didn’t make it too […]
I’ve just had a email inviting me to be in The17 for a “performance” in April (St […]
Are you fed up with “officials” deciding what’s important? Do you wish that history wasn’t just written […]