On Friday I got round to doing something I’d been thinking of for a long while. I […]
Just a little fun seasonal project I’ve made with the layout and design help of Gavin Wray. […]
I’ve been running a, very rough, scrape of the Birmingham (UK) based interweb for ’emotional wellbeing’ since […]
After sounding out interested parties, mainly via twitter, a number of us met up at December’s Birmingham […]
I enjoy my free time, so why did I (and the rest of the team) give up […]
Birmingham is getting a real reputation for being a place where social media doesn’t only happen, it […]
Freedom Town is in Sierra Leone, but it’s also the name of an art project connecting schools […]
I’ve moved my personal blog from this site to thebounder.co.uk, which is a WordPress MU site that […]
Another site built on WordPress as a back-end, the Cole-Raine site features brochure pages as well as […]
I’ve just set the new site for the Birmingham Conservation Trust live. I’ve advised on how it […]