Birmingham is getting a real reputation for being a place where social media doesn’t only happen, it […]
Of course people who know about computers or other technology are helping others, and trying to help […]
The Birmingham Post recently published a ‘list of shame’ of local bodies that don’t make their information […]
It’s not to give to the poor (although that would be nice) nor to forsake trousers for […]
I was at the Tory Conference this week, as part of a supposed "charm offensive". The most interesting hour was a chance to see and hear the most famous right-wing bloggers talk amongst themselves.
Further proof, if proof be needed, that pushing blog posts to twitter (and vice versa) creates nothing […]
At WordCampUK over the weekend I found myself increasingly thinking about the moral questions that relate to […]
Prompted by Mark Steadman‘s comment on one of my many blog posts on the evils of crossposting, […]
This post is prompted by the Birmingham twitter “community”‘s reaction to what some saw as unethical and […]
Ariel Waldman on crossposting with social media: Recently, there has been a rash of one-size-fits-all services that […]