I’ve have three separate conversations about QR (Quick Response) codes, which lead me to wonder if there […]
Mapping is about boundaries and scale, watching the recent BBC series about the history of the map […]
The idea of rule by those with the most social capital is explored by Cory Doctrow in […]
Local is local for different people for different reasons — some to do with legislature, economics, transport, […]
I spent a fascinating couple of days down in that London at an gathering of those interested […]
It’s something I’ve been going on about for a long time, but as an exercise in explaining […]
It’s the link economy, it’s the foundation of the World Wide Web, it’s the reason for the […]
Like Nick Booth, I was pretty excited to hear of the results of this FOI request for […]
Someone I did get to talk to at the Digital Britian was Will Perrin of Talk About […]
A wonderful and quick mash-up of Twitter and Flickr data, mapped with Yahoo, BrumEmoMap is a great […]