This week’s news that Yahoo are to close and shut GeoCities (one of the first free hosting […]
I’ve never been entirely happy with the term “social media”, to me it doesn’t seem to describe […]
There’s a new digital divide, a fissure opening wider and wider as the social web makes encroachment […]
October 15th, is Blog Action Day. The concept being to encourage blogs around the world to all […]
UK Twitters awoke to a email this morning telling them that updates by text were no more […]
Sir Tim Berners-Lee has a Mac, he doesn’t use Skitch though, or Adium, in fact his menu […]
Does anyone want to help make a quick website that could answer this eternal question, and perhaps […]
I’ve just come back from The Big Debate (part of the New Generation Arts Festival), a cosy […]
I’ve been thinking some more about the whole, information overload, autogenerated echo, crossposting thing. I’ve come to […]
I’ve been quietly impressed with Get Satisfaction, which is sort of best described as a “social customer […]