I’ve recently worked on the social media coverage, on the day but also a few “wrap up” […]
I spent a fascinating couple of days down in that London at an gathering of those interested […]
For your downloading pleasure: 2009-09-06T16_19_49-07_00.mp3Birmingham 2009-09-06T16_19_49-07_00.mp311-11-11 2009-09-01T08_14_37-07_00.mp3Memes
This is my third talk, it’s an amalgam of this talk on memes from WxWM and this […]
I was asked to talk about Birmingham, and so I did: Here are the slides and my […]
Does a festival want to hear about my theories of  conversational pyschogeography and how I coerced people […]
My talk at Moseley Barcamp, based on this post about Conversational Psychogeography. Moseley BarCamp – Blogging & […]
And don’t worry this isn’t going to be a rant about expenses. At Moseley Barcamp I gave […]
I had a smashing time at LocalGovCamp on Saturday, so thanks to Dave Briggs and the organising […]
Someone I did get to talk to at the Digital Britian was Will Perrin of Talk About […]