I’ve just created a new version (separate so as not to confuse people) of the Birmingham Hyperlocal News Wire — this one has two improvements:

1) I’ve taken the main lot of blog feeds out and re-imported as a “sub pipe” (another Yahoo Pipe used as input) — this should let me update one source only for a number of pipes — thanks to Michael Grimes for the nudge to this (hope your piping went well).

2) There’s now a second (optional) input — to those who know a little about logic or the more advanced search on Google (for example), this is a NOT field. This means that the pipe will only output items that don’t contain any word you put in here. It’s useful in situations where there is a area you don’t care about and means you get a lot of false positives (“Birmingham CIty” but NOT “Council” — if you only cared about the football team).

Here’s how the NOT addition works inside the pipe:

Pipes: editing 'Birmingham local blog wire - with NOT'

As ever, it’s for you to use, copy or augment:  http://pipes.yahoo.com/bounder/brumlocalwithnot