I and she do a radio show, The Big Paws, on the award winning Rhubarb Radio. This isn’t a plea to listen to that (although please do), but to give a little focus on a bit of the show that you may not have heard.

Sweary News Podcast

Sweary News Podcast

The Sweary News is the news, but sweary. It’s funnier than you may think, a 1-2 minute radio news bulletin with Wes Mundell (as played by Adam) the pottiest-mouthed newsreader around.

Me and Adam had the idea some years ago, and the original idea was a daily show on youTube each evening. That might never happen, but radio seems to suit the concept well. Ad writes and records the section just in time for me to get my magic beeper out. Here’s just two of the comments from this week:

“thank god for sweary news i have stopped gettin the sunday times cause all my news requirments are covered for the week”  Matt

“Yay! Sweary news. Almost worth getting up early for. ” Andy

It’s available as a podcast too (iTunes link). Bonus for the podcast is that a selection of the swears are unbleeped…

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