"If the reaction of the blogosphere and Twitterati to Keenan's sudden death are reliable indicators, every one […]
idlewild had a song called 'Text Mesaging is Killing the Pub Quiz' – this is a merry […]
Nice historical round-up of Bennet's TV appearances. – Alan Bennett on TV: nostalgia laced with insight and […]
it's 'HD' Tetris, impossible. – Tetoris.
"Entries are now open for this year’s Straight 8 competition. For those of you not in the […]
"love the fact that "good meeting" is an emergent meme on Twitter: the phrase is seen by […]
Great piece of writing, about t one of the abiding images of the 1984 miners strike – […]
Ben Goldacre has had a nastygram from LBC 97.3 and “Global Radio” over posting audio of what he describes as "Jeni Barnett’s MMR scaremongering". If you're in a position to help, it would be appreciated. - Bad Science needs help, or at least link love.
I’ve moved my personal blog from this site to thebounder.co.uk, which is a WordPress MU site that […]