A lovely post about the nonsense that is perpetuated about Twitter accounts being "hacked" when it's either […]
A great examination of what I referred to as the public/private problem. Well worth a read. [link]
"it was never going to be a simple case of joining one Facebook Group over another. The […]
Nice bit of mythbusting — most of which apply to all sorts of situations: [link]
Big City Talk is up for the Midlands Media Awards People’s Choice Award. The awards are to […]
Ze Frank has long been the master of mass participation on the internet, if he's involved with […]
Being "sucessful" on a social media service is a bit of a lose term, but this post […]
Great little article about how the flickr team manage thier worldwide online community. "The job always comes […]
The Charms of Wikipedia – The New York Review of Books – "Pop-Tarts are a "flat Cookie." […]
These are my links for 26th February through 28th February: GeoPic II geotags your Nikon shots, saves […]